Bespoke Wooden Houses

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Fully Customisable Wooden Houses 


Whether it will be a home office, music or art studio, kids playroom or gym.


• Approximately 6m x 8m x 2.5m (236inches x 315inches x 98 inches)
• Foundations 40cm x 40cm concrete stumps.


• Internal & External Spotlights
• Electrical certificate 1st & 2nd fix
• Electric underfloor heating


• Bathroom fittings (sink/shower screen, shower, toilet, small mega flow)
• Plumbing 1st & 2nd fix
• Guttering


• Roof made from thin metal
• Pressure treated joists and rafters/damp proof membrane

Interior Design

• Interior wallpaper/ceiling lining paper/painted
• Skirting boards architrave
• Laminate floor
• Lino for bathroom
• WPC Cladding wood effect
• Floor has WBP plywood with insulation
• Windows/doors double glazed (colours available) warranty 5 years aluminium/pvc


• Meets Mobile Home Rules - No planning
• Wall and Roof Insulation - can meet new UK House Building Thermal Value Specifications
• Estimated manufacture on site – 30/40 working days depending on specification
• Plans included

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